Casa Bini é destaque na plataforma holandesa Archello

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11 de março de 2021

O projeto Casa Bini, desenvolvido pelo escritírio Troyano Arquitetura, foi destaque na plataforma de arquitetura e design holandesa Archello!

Localizada em Porto Alegre, no Rio Grande do Sul, Casa Bini foi projetada por nós no ano de 2016. Confira a íntegra da postagem (em inglês) abaixo!

Bini House

Casa Bini is a residential project for a couple and their three children, located on a corner plot in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, a state of southern Brazil.

Complying with the client’s requirements, the architectural program consists of four suite rooms, an open concept social area that connects the living and dining room, kitchen, and verandah. Completes the program a small office, a guest bathroom, a laundry room, a pantry, and a service bathroom.

The house was designed using bioclimatic strategies. All the bedrooms windows are open to the east side. Children’s bedrooms are on the first floor, side by side next to each other, in a North-South direction.

Interrupting linearity of the suite rooms, orthogonally in an east/west direction there is a social area south-facing veranda with a view of the pool.

North and south openings provide cross ventilation through the social area to ensure thermal comfort in the summer and create integration with the outside. The kitchen has doors to keep it private or open to the social area, allowing indirect light to come from north and west.

As an architectural path, an extended corridor follows the children’s suite room’s linearity and connects the user to the social area. The corridor is closed by large glass windows, which allows enjoying the side garden view, and leads to the entry into the living space.

The master suite room is placed above the architectural arrangement of the first floor, without reaching the edges, appearing disconnected. To consolidate its distinction from the total set, the second floor is covered entirely in wood. / The master bedroom is on the second floor and appears as if it is floating from the rest of the building. It is entirely covered in wood.

The construction system is composed of concrete pillars and concrete beams molded on-site supporting pre-fabricated slab pieces. On the first floor, it is elevated 30 cm from the ground. The roof slab is walkable and can hold solar panels, which supply energy to the water heating system.

The outer layer is composed of double brick walls covered with plaster contributing to keep an internal steady comfortable temperature. The white color applied to the entire first floor, as well as in the hollow brick walls that ensure the suite rooms’ privacy, exposes an idea of economy of means: two coverings (dark wood and white painting) solve the materiality of the building externally.

Material Used:
1. Facade cladding: wood Zardo acabamentos
2. Flooring: wood parquet
3. Windows: PVC, Zardo acabamentos
4. Roofing: waterproofed slab

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